Randy enjoyed the daily challenges of the Consulting business at the same time keeping up with his multiple crews and gaugers in the field as well. As usual, Randy became a little unchallenged again with his day to day life as a Consultant and was approached about a new State of the Art chemical that breaks down the hydrocarbon chains and turns oil back into its normal state as a dust. He spent the summer, fall and winter of 2016 trying to make this product fail, only for it to impress him every time and work just as it says it does. Randy had plenty of irons in the fire with his other oilfield companies but this new product struck his interest like no other. After a 6 month trial run and the product impressing him daily, he opened OMG Solutions, LLC. Oil Management Gurus was formed and went into operation December of 2016. Approached its first oil spill with confidence and succeeded even further than his imagination. Randy was hook, line and sinker at that point. Since then he has been on multiple spills and cleaning them up beyond RRC standards and having the pleasure of watching green grass grow back over the once contaminated areas and cattle back to grazing on it. He finally found his place in life and in the oil and gas business where he felt the most pride and appreciation for his efficient services. There is nothing like taking an oil soaked field testing over 100,000 ppm and treating it in place and getting it back to or better than it was before the disaster. It is an amazing transition from complete devastation back to complete life form in as little as a few weeks time.


Randy Cook decided while owning his own business right out of high school while attending college that he knew being an entrepreneur was in his blood. 

After graduating from Seminole State College with his Associates of Science degree he could not pick a career strong enough for him to settle down with for the rest of his life so he found his way into the oilfield in South Texas. Randy started at the bottom of the totem pole as a roustabout on a Lease Crew. As he was a quick study he worked his way to pushing that very crew in a couple of short weeks. He always enjoyed learning more and more in the industry. He opened his own lease crew business in 2002 and stayed plenty busy after building his reputation for being efficient and safe in the South Texas area. It was in 2004 when he was approached by several companies to start offering gauging service as well. As time passed and as his business continued growing he was offered the position as Consultant.