We are a new State of the Art Oil Remediation Company specializing in cleaning up oil spills on site, without the removal of the contaminated area. 

OMG SOLUTIONS was created for the fact that everyday there is an oil spill of some kind, in fact there are several daily. There truly never has been an efficient way of cleaning up these spills other that the same old "dig and haul" method. In that case, all contaminated soil is dug out and hauled off to a disposal site and the soil is then put through an incinerator and the hydrocarbons are virtually burned out of the soil. This of course is a very expensive task and take generally many weeks to perform.


With the new to the USA State of the Art Technology OMG SOLUTIONS uses a product called ELMN8 and this product breaks down the hydrocarbon chains and actually turns the hydrocarbons into a bio hazardous dust and becomes non-hazardous to its environment, whether it is on ground or water. There are no microbes or enzymes like found in other chemicals that break down or eat away oil to be left behind and still cause harm to the environment. We have been having tremendous success with this product on several noted oil spills in South Texas. Once as much of the oil is sucked up as possible OMG SOLUTIONS steps in.

Not only can OMG SOLUTIONS save you time and money on your next oil spill, but we do our part in taking care of the environment at the same time. When can our leading technology and our OMG GURUS come to your rescue.