OMG SOLUTIONS not only works on ground but water as well, instead of other chemicals that actually take the oil and sink it to the bottom, our product actually sits on top of the oil and continues to molecularly break down the hydrocarbon chains and sends the oil into a dust form to the bottom, which at that point is biodegradable. Not only can OMG SOLUTIONS save you time and money on your next oil spill, but we do our part in taking care of the environment at the same time. When can our leading technology and our OMG GURUS come to your rescue.

How it works

First step is to send in our Certified Lab Tech, she pulls samples from various depths and locations. 

She can give us immediate results of how and where to treat that very day. Then The OMG GURUS come in with a power washer unit designed to soak the entire area down with the product, till depending on the depth and reapply and it's ready for testing again. This process is repeated as many time necessary depending on the amount of hydrocarbons are in that particular spill area. It can take as many as 3-4 treatments to get the hydrocarbons below the standard approval rating of government regulations. In most cases within a few weeks time on surface areas we will have the green grass and life form back to as good or better than before the disaster.